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Understanding your car battery

The most common reasons for a car breakdown is due to low or a flat battery. This causes frustration to drivers and potential opportunity cost (Imagine it happens when you are rushing for an appointment!). Currently, only 30% of car batteries in the market reach the expected 48-month mark.

The standard volt gauge meters is not an accurate method to determine battery state of charge or capacity, and not everyone has convenient access to battery testers at car mechanic workshops. Furthermore, most car batteries monitoring systems in the market provide only instantons voltage reading of the car battery.


Our Solution

Car+™ Battery Sensor


Car+ Battery Sensor captures accurate reading at each engine crank and uses deep learning and algorithm to predict the time of failure.


Car+ Battery Sensor is directly connected to the car battery, which eliminates measurement errors from on-board diagnostic equipment.


Maximise the usage of your car battery and reduce the opportunity cost of a car breakdown.

Extensive Development

Extensive testing in the laboratory with trusted engineers to produce innovative solutions

Analytic Driven

Car+ Battery Sensor uses pending patented technology to analyse car battery health status and is transmitted to a registered Car+ mobile application via low powered Bluetooth signal.

Patent Pending Number: 10202000843X

Accurate Result

Car+ Battery Sensor is directly connected to the car battery which eliminates measurement errors from on-board diagnostic equipment.

Mobile Application

Our mobile app will provide you with the analysis of the car battery, and alert users periodically on the health of the car battery.

Car+™ Battery Sensor uses patented technology of low powered Bluetooth signal to transmit battery health and sends a health status message to a registered Car+ application.

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