Car Battery Care

Car Battery Care

An innovative firm that Develops and Distributes sensor technology device.

Car + Battery Sensor

  • August 19, 2020
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Worried and Unable to Find Affordable Car Battery Health Solutions?

Car+ is here to help!

New Car + Battery Sensor

New Car + Battery Sensor

Extensive Development, extensive testing in the laboratory with trusted engineers to produce innovative solutions

Behind The Design

To cater to cars of different battery sizes, we decided on a cylindrical form so that user can extend the wires and attach them onto the terminal points easily, with excess wires tightened around the cylindrical body.

Why Use Car + Battery Sensor

  1. Detects the cranking profile of the car battery performance
  2. Predict the health status of the car battery
  3. Reduces the error due to the circuity of the car itself

New Car + Battery Sensor

Analytic Driven
– Car + Battery Sensor uses pending patented technology to analyse car battery health status and is transmitted to a registered Car + mobile application via low powered Bluetooth signal.

Benefits Car + Battery Sensor

  1. Anticipate Failure
    • Captures accurate reading at each engine rank Uses deep learning and algorithm to predict the time of failure
  2. Accurate Result
    • Directly connected to the car battery Eliminates measurement errors from on-board diagnostic equipment
  3. Maximise Usage
    • Maximise the usage of your car battery and reduce the opportunity cost of a car breakdown

Did you know?

If there are sounds coming from the motor but the engine doesn’t start, your car battery might need replacement.

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